Our core values

Move, Build, be, dream, inspire and love!

Move fast

Move Fast helps us to build and learn faster than or competitors. This means acting with urgency and not waiting until next week to do something we could do today. We chase tomorrow`s opportunities.

Build bridges

We respect other people whether they are competitors or customers. We build bridges across age, gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, language, culture and countries.

Be transparent

We belive in openness, communication and accountability. We hide nothing, whether things are good or bad, we convey open and honest information as we know it. Our ego is not involved. We choose honesty, even when it hurts.

Dream big

We set goals that are not always totally grounded in reality, sometimes we have no idea how we are going to achive the goal, but we make incremental steps toward it. We belive in hard work and a little bit of luck. We work hard every day and remind our customers to shoot for the stars. Magic do happen!

Inspire people

We inspire to action, unlock latent potential by tapping into peoples inner motivation and values. We raise individual and team performance levels and ignites crativity. We applaud those who dare to be themselves, and those who dare to follow they`re own belives.


Love givs people a greater sense of belonging, meaning, and value at work. We differentiate who we are by loving people and watch it change the lives around us and ultimately our workplace. It’s what drives us, it’s what connects us.